Artistic biography

Art has been always present in my life. I've studied painting at my mother's workshop. I am fond of doing the job of an artist with the passion. I love the state of submerging into the colour waiting impatiently for the perfect effect.

My works can be seen at galleries in Poland. They may be also found in private collections in Poland and abroad.

Main exhibitions:

  • November 2003 - Warsaw "Ambasador"
  • January 2004 - Warsaw Arka Gallery
  • May 2004 - Krzeszów
  • July 2007 - Ostroda International exhibition
  • November 2007 - Warsaw, Congress Hall
  • August 2008 - Warsaw NOT
  • March 2009 - Warsaw, Congress Hall
  • June 2009 - Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science, Congress of Women Association
  • September 2009 - Warsaw Farbiarnia Gallery
  • December 2009 - Warsaw Mito Gallery
  • February 2012 London, Cork Street Gallery
  • Comming exhibition: June 10 - 7 July 2012, Lodz Piotrkowska 87, Gallery 87

About my daughter

Agata Otulska's painting boasts with very special, personal atmosphere. The topic of her works is a woman. An interesting composition of the character, with the insignificant scenery in the background and slightly sketched line of the horizon. Women's figures full of intangible charm, sophisticated form, ornaments and details create nostalgic atmosphere, the transience of the moment and beauty.

Rich colours of delicate tonality, toned down colours, delicate light blue, pink, silver and pearl greyness with red and amaranth accent, sudden white colour gives the richness of experience to the recipient of the art.

Constant search for the range of colours, restless texture of the picture additionally attracts our attention to painting's features.

The atmosphere of silence, reverie and beauty of the surrounding reality are the source of an aesthetic pleasure for many of us.

Dorota Otulska

Five sorceresses - painting exhibition web portal account of the opening of the exhibition in Gallery Arka in Warsaw on 29th January 2004.

Her art is very sensual. The women in the pictures are as if they were presented by Modigliani or Klimt, if they were gifted with contemporary sensitivity. They are characterized by iconic presentation which highlights feminine charm and grace. These works of high artistic value are in a dialogue with pop and mass culture images by implementation of lines and colours which is associated with pictures from women magazines or even at a broader aspect with the icon sphere of contemporary city.